What is the Websters Dictionary?

Websters Dictionary is any of several dictionaries printed by Noah Webster at the beginning of the nineteenth century, and many other related or irrelevant dictionaries which have adopted the Webster’s title as their own. As Websters points out, is a good example of how a dictionary can be both old and new at the same time. He defines the word: “A dictionary is a book that serves to supply definitions or information regarding specific subjects.” In recent years many people have taken it to be a generic term for all kinds of dictionaries and references. Even the Chicago Manual of Style, a published standard for style and punctuation, uses Websters as a synonym for the author.


The Websters Dictionary has been around since 1855. Prior to that date it was called the Standard Bible, so it must have had its share of critics. However, the dictionary was a tremendous success and was in frequent use before the age of the computer. The New York Times in 1855 reported that this “dictionary of almost certain knowledge” was being frequently used by those who assemble the Bibles. The writer perceived that the Websters Dictionary could be used by anybody who wished to check the correctness of any word he might have used.


The Internet has added Websters Dictionary to its growing list of downloadable ebooks. So whether you want to check Websters yourself, or want to download a Websters Bible, you can do it quickly and easily on your computer from your own home or office. The Websters Bible is a great reference for anybody, whether you are looking for a definition of the word “semite,” “boise,” “pauper,” “dirt,” “hippocrates,” “apologies,” “eternity,” “mannerism,” or “wicked.” If you know nothing about the Bible or language, don’t be afraid to consult the Websters Dictionary, it could save you hours of frustrating study time!

Websters Dictionary

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