What Is the Most Common Dictionary Flaws?

dictionary flaws

dictionary is a very important part of our everyday life and everyone uses them daily. A lot of people are aware of the fact that online dictionary editors have come up with very useful applications for the benefit of people but still we have many people who keep on asking question about dictionary flaws. This is because the dictionary can be a very big help to anyone if it has been used properly. There are many people who are also unaware of the fact that even though their dictionaries are very old it does not mean that it is no longer an effective source of information. The following lines will let you know that what are the most common dictionary flaws.


The most common mistake that people make while using any online dictionary is the spelling. It has often been seen that people have double entry of words in the dictionary which can result in several spelling errors. Double entry of the word is when people include one letter in place of the other, this can either be an extra or primary letter. Many times it has also been seen that people misspell words, especially when they are part of a sentence which has to beymes. The biggest problem with misspelled words is people have to look for a dictionary that has a word that is similar to the spelling error and this can take a lot of time. In order to prevent such spelling errors, it is necessary for the online dictionary editors to check for all spelling errors and if found to give suitable explanations for the same.


The other most common mistake made by the online dictionary editors is the grammar. A lot of times they fail to check the grammar and sometimes the person responsible for such bad grammar has no idea about the language and that’s why he has repeated the same word without placing a capital or a colon. The capital is a very important part of the grammar and is only used when there is a question mark at the end of the word. In order to prevent the problem, it is important for the online dictionary editors to correct the grammar whenever they see fit.

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