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The Canadian Oxford Dictionary is the latest edition of an English dictionary that has made its rounds across the world. This is a large dictionary, which contains both Old and New English language. It covers nearly all the words and their meanings, which are in the language. This dictionary can be downloaded from the net, printed as a hard copy and used at home or for learning purposes.

Latest Dictionary


The Canadian Oxford Dictionary has the largest amount of vocabulary that is available in any dictionary. The word that the user finds most frequently is the word “man”, it contains almost one hundred ninety words and this includes words such as “mankind”, “manly”, “manly man” and so on. In addition, the word “dirt” is found twenty-eight times in the word and “behave” appears forty-six times. It is evident that this word is new to the reader because most dictionaries would include “dirt” as part of their glossary but the latest Oxford edition includes “behave” with a definition which is: “To obey peacefully”.


The word “trouble” is found eleven times and this makes it clear that the word “dirt” is related to trouble or difficulty. Then “drugs” is found six times and this again proves that “drug” is a more generic term than “dirt”. Another interesting word that appears twice is “alcohol”. Alcohol is another general term used to describe any liquid which is utilized for emotional enhancement and is known to create addiction when abused. The word “alcohol” should therefore appear three times in the dictionary rather than once.


There are some very interesting entries in the Canadian Oxford Dictionary. The word “fornication” is defined as, when one engages in sexual relations with a married woman, often with the involvement of others, either oral or anal. The word “exotic” is used to define sex between consenting adults. And last but not least, the word “homosexuality” is now considered acceptable even among the professionals as meaning the same sex sexual activity.


Clearly the definition of the word “homosexuality” has undergone some profound changes over the past few years. In our survey we noticed that the word “gay” was once defined as, having same sex sexual relations. We also note that even dictionary publishers have had to acknowledge that the meaning of “gay” has changed. In our 2021 Word Demographic study, “gay” is now defined as, engaging in same-sex sexual behavior and relationships. In addition to these changes in the meaning of words such as “homosexual”, “bisexual”, “homosexuality”, “lesbian”, “bisexual”, “AIDS” and others, the word “evolution” has been under more scrutiny in recent years. Many Christians feel that the theory of evolution presents a God-less view of the world and they are particularly ticked at the use of the word “evolution” as an explanation for homosexuality.


This may come as a surprise to some, but let’s face it, the origin of the word, from the Greek word for “growing upward”, clearly has a negative meaning. The latest dictionary I looked at used the word “aturation” to define “aturation” as, the process by which something attains its mature or full state. This means that while the definition of the word “gay” does indeed remain unchanged as does the meaning of the word “homosexual”, there has certainly been some positive change in the way that the term is used in the Christian community. It is now accepted by many Christians to mean same sex sexual relationships. While evolution may be coming to the gay and lesbian community, it is yet to reach mainstream acceptance within the Christian community.

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