Dictionary Improvements That Are Changing the Way We Learn

dictionary improvements

As the base language for communication, dictionaries have always had a large number of flaws that have reduced their usefulness greatly over time. One of these flaws is the very long list of words that appear next to one another on the page. For example, there are almost 5 hundred words for “people” that appear beside “man”. This has led to a lot of confusion, especially for beginners. It has also led to people giving up learning the language as they just cannot memorize such a long list of words to use everyday.


Thankfully, now there is some dictionary improvements that can help you out. The new base image for the word list has been radically improved over the past few years. Now you can easily see how many words a word refers to with the new image. Also note how the pesky “Dictionaries” text at the top of the page has been completely eliminated. So now, the word list is much cleaner and easier to read.


Another dictionary improvement is the word translations function. Not so long ago, when someone wanted to translate a foreign phrase or a stock phrase from Latin to English, it would be next to impossible. However, the new tool makes it a breeze to translate foreign phrases or words into English, and vice versa. This way, you can learn a new word in Latin, and have it instantly translated into English using the tool. With this improvement, you will not only be able to communicate better with others, but you will also be able to improve your vocabulary at the same time.

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