Dictionary Changes 2021

dictionary changes 2021

It seems that there are always new words being added to dictionaries so it is good to see major dictionary publishers such as the dictionary companies keep up with such dictionary changes as these. The dictionary definition of a word can change over time and it is good to keep a look out for any change in the dictionary meaning. You may come across an interesting word but it could actually mean something completely different.


One very interesting dictionary change that has happened recently is the definition of ‘time’ has changed. Previously, people were told that time means duration and this was how we used to see time being referred to in books. Now, we know that time can be referred to in relation to the passage of time, which is known as ‘the passage of time’.


This is a great example of words changing meanings. In the past, if you meant to say something like I am five years older, you would say ‘five years older than’. But now, if you use the word on its literal sense, we know that it actually means five years. So, if you want to say something like ‘I am twenty years old’, you would say ‘a decade and a half’. And this can all happen thanks to changes in the dictionary.

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