A Short Treatise Regarding the Websters Dictionary

Websters Dictionary is any of many dictionaries published by Noah Webster during the early eighteen hundreds, and many other related or unrelated dictionaries which have adopted the name of Webster. It was created by Noah Webster a very wealthy southern planter and printer who wrote many publications on various subjects. It was the dictionary which Webster used to translate word meanings from Latin to English and to translate words from English to other languages. It was also the dictionary, which he used to translate popular phrases from Greek, from French to German, and from Portuguese to Italian. Webster based many of his sayings on the Bible as well as various other secular sources. It was also the dictionary which gave support to the idea that nearly all of the language problems were caused by language barriers.


It is the Websters Dictionary which has come to be regarded as the single most important authority on the English language and one of the foremost reference-places for any person learning or is using the English language. Webster’s word list includes more than two hundred thousand words, and the Websters Dictionary can be accessed on the Internet for free. There are an estimated six million word entries in Websters, and these include a great deal of slang, business and personal terminology. In addition to the commonly used word, the Websters Dictionary also includes expressions such as cuss, fuss, and snit, and other loanwords which indicate personal attributes of an individual.


The Websters Dictionary is widely used throughout the world as an excellent source of information about the English language, its etymology, and its uses. Websters has also become the definitive reference for many people wanting to write an essay, paper, or book in the English language. Essay topics include the history of the English language, the rules for writing it, the most frequent words used, and other information regarding the usage of language. Websters has even become a popular word game by some enthusiasts. The Websters Dictionary is frequently downloaded to personal computers and used as a word game. One player attempts to enter a word into the dictionary and if that word is not available, the player is given a hint as to another word that might be a synonym for the original wordWebsters Dictionary

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