A Review of Wikipedia English

Wikipedia English is the language of an encyclopedia, a set of high-quality encyclopedias which can be accessed from the website Wikipedia. The website Wikipedia was created as a collaborative project by volunteers in the community to publish an encyclopedia about any topic with particular reference to the language used in it (English). Wikipedia was created as a service that helps people check for information they need about any topic. There are two different areas where one can find information on Wikipedia: one is the English section, and the other is the language’s category.

wikipedia english


The English section has a large number of articles in English pertaining to various aspects of writing and speaking English, as well as the history of English, and other languages. The language’s category is composed of articles written in English for the purpose of helping individuals who would like to learn a new language. One interesting thing about this website is that it is not entirely English. Many entries on Wikipedia are in languages other than English, such as German, French, Spanish, and others.


One cannot help but feel that one is reading a textbook on grammar, or an advanced literary text, while reading the entries in the language’s category. One cannot help but compare the two because both are written in a common language. Even if one is a native speaker of English, he or she would not have the ability to understand, unless he or she has extensive exposure to the works of literature written in other languages. It may sound strange, but the majority of people who use Wikipedia English do not know the names of the languages in which an entry is written. It is only when a person has access to all the dictionaries that the person would become familiar with the names of the languages in which particular words are written.

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